Supercomputer vs. virus | Discrimination in medicine

Supercomputer vs. virus | Discrimination in medicine | Ibaraki climbs up the rankings

In the press review of this Thursday, October 15, we will discuss: the test against the virus in the stadiums, discrimination in medical school, and finally Ibaraki which is no longer the worst department.

Supercomputer vs. virus

The Japanese supercomputer Fugaku, as well as tens of thousands of baseball fans, will be called upon for a study on the effectiveness of measures against the coronavirus in a full stadium. The central government had asked local governments to take action for large-scale events. The latter therefore hope for positive results in order to relaunch these events. Testing is scheduled to take place during the Yokohama DeNA BayStars home games at Yokohama Stadium in Kanagawa County. The movements of spectators, their behavior or the wearing of a mask will be recorded by video and coupled with supercomputer simulations.

Discrimination in medicine

Four young women decided to file a complaint against the St. Marianna University medical school for discrimination. A panel from the university has indeed shown that, during the second round of examination based in particular on the candidacy, women were indeed discriminated against in order to favor male candidates. They therefore ask for 3 million yen (24,400 euros) as well as an apology from the university. This kind of case is not a first since similar lawsuits had been brought by victims who took entrance exams at Tokyo Medical University and Juntendô University.

Ibaraki climbs up the rankings

The department of Ibaraki, northeast of Tokyo, obtains its best ranking in that of the most attractive departments: 42nd out of 47. Even if this does not seem impressive, it has been seven years that Ibaraki had to be satisfied with the last one. square. This sad place has this time been attributed to Tochigi, located just west of Ibaraki. At the top of the ranking, we find Hokkaidô, for the 12th consecutive year, then Kyôto, and finally, in 3rd position, Okinawa.


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