Supplementary budget | Robbed farms

Supplementary budget | Farms robbed | Warm biz

In the press review of this Monday, November 2, we will discuss: the extension for the budget, the investigation of farm thefts, and finally the Warm biz campaign.

Supplementary budget

Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga is expected to ask his Cabinet ministers to prepare a third budget extension for fiscal 2020. As the Japanese economy is hit by the coronavirus crisis, the envelope could exceed 10,000 billion yen (a little over 8 billion euros). This money should help subsidize domestic travel and support the labor market. It should also promote the digitization of businesses, strengthen supply chains and improve the country’s disaster preparedness.

Robbed farms

Police suspect a group of Vietnamese for thefts from several farms in the east of the country. This year in Gunma County alone, around 710 pigs, 140 chickens and 5,400 pears were stolen. Such crimes have also been committed in neighboring departments. As part of this investigation, nearly 20 people have already been arrested, including a Vietnamese who allegedly slaughtered and butchered a pig in his apartment. The spoils of the thefts were most certainly gone via social networks according to the police investigation.

Warm biz

In the middle of summer, to limit the use of air conditioning and thus save energy, the Cool biz campaign calls on the Japanese to make efforts. Salarymen can, for example, drop their jacket and tie. But there is a winter version of this campaign, called Warm biz. The government asks to regulate the temperature of the rooms to 20 ° and to dress warmly, in order to reduce the use of heating. The campaign launch echoes recent statements by Yoshihide Suga who wants to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050.


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