Telephone bills | More reading

Telephone bills | More reading | Departure for space

In the press review of this Tuesday, October 27, we will discuss: the government’s plan to reduce telephone bills, teenagers who read more, and finally the departure for space of the planned SpaceX mission.

Telephone bills

The Japanese government unveiled an action plan on Tuesday to stimulate competition between telephone operators. This announcement confirms the desire of Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga to reduce telephone bills, which are too high compared to many countries. operators are notably accused of having set up a complex system of fees and making it difficult to change company. In particular, a website should be launched quickly to help people wishing to change operator. The aim of this plan is to bring the country closer to international standards.

More reading

Japanese teens read more now than before the coronavirus pandemic, according to a Nippon Foundation investigation. 24.9% of the 1,000 respondents, aged 17-19, said they read more now, while 6.0% said the opposite. While the general reading level among young people deteriorates, 38.2% think they fall into the category of “poor” in reading. So let’s try to see the positive during this health crisis, hoping that some young people have disconnected the screens to immerse themselves in a good old book.

Departure for space

The US space agency has announced that the launch of the SpaceX rocket, carrying Soichi Noguchi and three other astronauts, is scheduled to take place on November 14. The launch, slated for this month, has been postponed due to the need for additional checks. Soichi Noguchi and his colleagues will join the International Space Station where they will stay for a 6 month mission.


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