In the press review of this Friday, October 30, we will discuss: The increased testing capacity for covid-19 in Tokyo, the easing of entry restrictions on the territory, and finally the demonstrations of Muslim residents in front of the embassy of France.

Increased test capacity

Tokyo plans a high capacity of 65,000 tests per day from next December. These measures would be taken in anticipation of the looming dual threat covid-19 / seasonal influenza. The Tokyo metropolitan government has estimated that there are around 52,000 patients potentially with influenza and 13,000 affected by covid-19 each day. The examinations would be done by means of PCR and antigen kits. Today, the number of tests that can be done in the capital is 25,000 but it is, in fact, 10,000 since October 1. As of Friday, 204 new cases of COVID-19 were reported in Tokyo, bringing the capital’s cumulative total to 30,881, the highest rate in the archipelago.

Relaxation of entry restrictions

It is expected that, from the beginning of November, the government will ease entry restrictions into the territory. However, some measures should be taken contrary to what was initially planned for a few weeks due to the resurgence of the virus. Japanese businessmen on the move and non-Japanese residents returning to the country will no longer be required to isolate themselves for 2 weeks. Residents of 11 new nations, including China, South Korea, Taiwan, Australia and New Zealand, banned from entering and visiting the territory, will now be allowed. Prime Minister Suga’s goal would be to “revitalize” the Japanese economy. However, medium and long-term trips are excluded and the tourist remains, for the time being, prohibited.

Demonstration in front of the French Embassy

Muslims residing in Japan protested this Friday against French President Emmanuel Macron over the dissemination of the cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad. Nearly 300 people are said to have gathered in front of the French embassy on Friday. Some demonstrators held up placards calling for the shame of the president and a boycott of French products.


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