A special Japan alley Mega Masturi during the second edition of the Popcon festival, on September 12 and 13 in Toulouse at the Manoir du Prince, will offer several stands around the following themes: traditions (sanctuary, lucky charm, etc.), Japanese cuisine (onigiri, sake, pastries, etc.), games (a revisited duck fishing), the latest news from Japan, learning its language and a presentation of the different actors of the Japanese community in Toulouse.

Toulouse founders who bring the city to life but keep a foot in Japan

Supported by a Franco-Japanese Toulouse team, the Japan event: Mega Matsuri aims to recreate a Japanese bubble in the heart of Toulouse in the fall of 2021. The Mega Matsuri was created by the association Wahaha, Innoside SAS and the newspaper Japon infos in partnership with Overture Agreement.

Very popular and essential in Japanese social life, the matsuri are traditional festivals taking place in almost all localities of the country. Most of them are linked to a religious celebration, most often Shinto (secular animist belief and founding of the history of Japan). Very popular with the Japanese, these “matsuri” are a place of conviviality where you can: play, eat, drink or buy local specialties in stands called “yatai”.

matsuri summer festivals

The goal will be to actively discover Japanese customs and traditions through practice and learning through gesture and the senses of dances, games, dishes and rituals to be adopted in everyday life or in the entrance to the sanctuary. For a few days, the people of Toulouse will be able to travel for a while in Japan just a stone’s throw from home.

Mega Matsuri: your new Japan experience in 2021

This major event will be preceded by pop up in partnership with other festivals or venues in the Occitanie Region until summer 2021 which will offer a foretaste of Mega Matsuri. The first stop for this long walk to Japan will be the alley Mega Masturi during the unmissable event at Popcon Toulouse.

To discover traditions, play and experiment!

, MEGA MATSURI: the Japan popup event in Toulouse
Itsukushimajinja Shrine – (Miyajima)


Shrines in Japan are places of strong myth and legend where the Kami (Japanese gods or goddesses: polytheistic and animist elements) live in particular. Thanks to the experience of Mega Matsuri, we invite you to learn the method to behave well in a sanctuary and make a wish. A unique opportunity not to go wrong on your next visit to Japan. With a little luck you might come across the keeper kitsune (fox) of the sanctuary.

THE OMIYAGE Lucky charm

, MEGA MATSURI: the Japan popup event in Toulouse

In Japanese shrines, there are many rites and customs, with Mega Matsuri you can leave with a lucky charm such as it exists in Japan (omamori). This little amulet offers you the protection or support you need (success, courage, love…). They will be available on their own or with the Mega Matsuri souvenir pack at the entrance to the aisle.


Many people lined up in front of a Japanese lottery machine called the boy. ” gara Refers to the pendant sound produced by turning the handle of the machine with many lottery balls inside. ” pon Is a situation that describes when the ball comes out of the device. This type of lottery machine was originally invented by a hat maker, Mr. ARAI Takuya for customers at his hat store in Tokyo. He was using a square hat box. Since he wanted it to make more noise, so he continued to improve the box, eventually arriving at the shape that you will see at the Megamatsuri alley. The prices will be diverse and numerous ranging from talismans omamori with rice balls onigiri and quality Japanese sake tastings!


It is a Japanese alternative to kingyo sukui (collecting goldfish with a landing net called ” poi Which is made from a fine paper of washi easily tearing in contact with water). Indeed, in France we protect animals during cultural events. Thus, the rule of the game of Puyo Puyo Ball Taisen respectfully follows that of the popular game that children play. This alternative requires a pair of rods (single use!) To catch the bouncing rubber balls whose color gives the most points in the time limit. The puyopuyo ball are more slippery than goldfish and the game is far from over. All in 1 against 1!

, MEGA MATSURI: the Japan popup event in Toulouse

Expo Sale – DARUMA

In partnership with the FRAGMENTS DU JAPON exhibition

The daruma is a kind of traditional Japanese doll which symbolizes a “Lucky Charm”. About 1,500 years ago, the Indian-born monk Bodhidharma came to Japan to preach Zen Buddhism. According to legend, he sat in meditation in a cave for nine years, where he would have attained enlightenment. Bodhidharma’s legs and arms would eventually rot; since then, artists have represented it in a round form without limbs. The origin of this representation is to be correlated with the arrival in 1400 of a Chinese wooden doll, which stands up on its own. The mixture of the two styles gave birth to the daruma as it has been made for three hundred years in the Tokyo region; the characteristics of daruma change depending on the region of manufacture. It symbolizes wishes, luck or prosperity. You will find on this stand many daruma from the magnificent exhibition Fragments of Japan still visible until September 27 at the castle of Lavardens (Gers) 1 hour from Toulouse by car.

ORIGAMI Japanese paper folding

Corinne will welcome you on this stand, she is a great japonophile and scientist in dermo cosmetics. She is at the origin of several exhibitions of Japanese folded papers (Origami) bringing together her professional universe, koskeshi (Japanese wooden dolls) and kimonos. She is one of the authors of the book: Kimono feel the season on you. On September 12, it will offer some on the alley of the “Mega Matsuri”, a stand around origami and a workshop to learn more about the art of these Japanese papers.

To make the taste buds travel!

Japanese pastry KINOKA

Maki, the former dancer of the Capitol ballet who became a pastry chef “did not put aside neither her rigor nor her lightness. She added a touch of originality and scents of her native Japan. His cakes are as beautiful as a spectacle setting ”- according to the Dépêche du Midi. She offers to taste traditional Japanese pastries: Taiyaki, Doroyaki, Mitarashi dango, Chiffon Cake.

ONIGIRI – demonstration and sale

Onigiri is one of ” soul food »Favorite of the Japanese, a rice dumpling decorated for example with tuna or egg crumbs and wrapped in seaweed nori. Come and watch our demonstration and taste Onigiriall fresh!

Discovering Japanese sake, a little-known alcohol

, MEGA MATSURI: the Japan popup event in Toulouse
Bottles of sake – Photo: tokyofoodcast

Japanese sake is an alcoholic drink around 13 ° alcohol and rarely exceeding 20 °. Just like French wine, it goes well with food and on its own, it is also an excellent way to discover the different terroirs and regions of Japan. Take advantage of this stand to better understand the various aspects of this subtle drink, filled with history and authenticity.

To meet Japan in Toulouse

Wahaha CLUB – Japanese culture

The Wahaha club association regularly organizes workshops with creators – Japanese artists and craftsmen from different fields: cooking, calligraphy, pastry making, Kimono dressing, music concert, demonstration and tea tasting, etc. . On the occasion of the “Mega Matsuri” alley at Popcon, a stand with Japanese “Zakkas” will be offered to you with Mask, Kimono, Yukata, Geta, and other Japanese objects.

The WAKABA association of Castelginest (31)

The Wakaba association brings together Japanese culture north of Toulouse in Castelginest. On the “Mega Matsuri” alley at Popcon, you can experience Japanese calligraphy, the tea ceremony, introductory workshops in Japan and its culture and much more.

The JAPAN NEWS Journal

Discover the news newspaper on Japan “Japon infos”. Published in paper format on a monthly basis and in a daily press review by internet, Japon infos has been offering reliable and quality news and information thanks to its professional team since 2010. Come and discover all the old paper issues on their stand and take advantage of exceptional offers on this occasion.

, MEGA MATSURI: the Japan popup event in Toulouse

Japanese language course in Toulouse

Want to learn the Japanese language in Toulouse, the school Japan Toulouse course will be present to inform you of its various Japanese courses offered in the heart of the Pink City. Beginner, intermediate level, the Japanese language learning course is done according to each level and in small groups of 6 students maximum in a friendly atmosphere. Come and get information and register by meeting the Japanese teachers at the booth of Japan info.


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