Poulpy calls on lovers of Japan to be extremely vigilant when they are looking for authentic Japanese objects. Social networks in particular are popping up advertisements for sites selling “Japan-style” items often boasting of selling authentic Made in Japan products. The concern is that these are mainly sites that source (most often) from AliExpress, direct delivery (without stock or quality guarantee), the low-cost Chinese site. These sites are dropshipping: their products are therefore not Japanese, they are made in China under opaque conditions and are shipped directly. Having no stocks to manage, benefiting from prefabricated sites whose photos are quite simply copied and pasted from AliExpress, dropshippers are capitalizing on the backs of uninformed enthusiasts but especially Japanese craftsmen and businesses who are going through a deep crisis in this regard. very moment. We have listed a few of these sites that have recently been running on the networks in order to protect fans in Japan.

Sharp Kitchen

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A 40% discount, or only 34 dollars for this beautiful thermos! A tempting offer for an uninformed person, a fan of Japanese aesthetics …

Source: Sharp Kitchen

But in fact much less than on AliExpress:

Source: AliExpress

Kawaii Pen Shop & The Washi Tape Shop

Masking tape is all the rage in the creative arts world and some have taken the opportunity to take advantage of it.

Source: Kawaii Pen Shop

The two dropshipping sites are virtually identical visually:

Source: The Washi Tape Shop

It is very easy to go back to the source to discover a low-cost product:

Source: AliExpress


From knives to “Japanese steel hand forged and hammered blade” Okoutô tells us to justify their exorbitant price for poor quality copies (although genuine Japanese knives are easily more expensive in Japan).

Source: Okoutô

We can doubly doubt their quality when we discover their real price on Alibaba:

Source: Alibaba

Japan at Home

“We at Japan at Home strive to find exceptional products made with high quality materials. “ we read on the site … How do they find it? In two searches on Google …

Source: Japan at Home

Not so exceptional it would seem …

Source: 1688.com

Temple of japan

A big piece. Very popular and yet very empty. 13 euros for a Chinese keychain, you had to dare.

Source: Temple of Japan

The proof :

Source: AliExpress

The same is also true for all knives sold on Temple du Japon. An example with a cleaver “Made of hand-forged plated steel blade with superior quality” actually sold for € 19.18 on AliExpress.


The site – which seems luxurious – features a range of lovely haori. On promotion (for weeks in fact) to encourage consumers to buy in a rush, a classic move on dropshipping sites.

Source: Itsuki

The buyer receives a stupid piece of poorly printed Chinese synthetic fabric, smelling of chemicals and frankly importable (yes, we went so far as to order one to make sure).

Source: AliExpress

Universe of Japan

Another popular hunk in France. The Universe of Japan practically only offers dropshipping products. Example with this “Omamori” (Japanese lucky amulet) whose price is divided by ten from one site to another. Knowing the deep philosophical and spiritual significance of the Omamori, what is the point of displaying a Chinese copy?

Source: Universe of Japan
Source: AliExpress

Unsurprisingly, the same goes for other products on this site, such as this “Japanese” bag for example: € 27.90 on Univers du Japon against € 4.30 on AliExpress!

Ramen Nation

Fancy a beautiful authentic Japanese tea caddy? Do not rush…

Source: Ramen Nation

… And buy two for the price of one. Better yet, don’t buy any from China at all.

Source: AliExpress

Eternal Japan

Finally, what better than a piggy bank in the shape of Maneki-neko to accumulate a fortune? As long as you don’t buy it anywhere, but you are now experienced readers!

Source: Eternal Japan

And slip the price difference into the piggy bank to start your savings for some good Japanese purchases!

Source: AliExpress

An exhaustive list would be impossible to maintain, as the sites close and are constantly renewed. Time to do our research and 3 sites had already closed. They will probably reopen under other names… However, through the examples presented in this article, Poulpy hopes to have aroused the mistrust of his readers on the reality of dropshipping-Chinese, an economic scourge yet legal. One lesson to remember: the next time an article wins you over with targeted advertising, check the authenticity of the store selling it! And its own declarations and commitment to “made in Japan” are not enough.

Also watch out for some Youtubers who are also being manipulated by fake dropshipping brands. These are used to creating partnerships with more or less known personalities on the web to gain credibility., against remuneration. A great classic among influencers. We must never lose sight of the fact that while charlatans drink our passions to empty our pockets, real Japanese traders, artisans, shops, live in a difficult situation and see a large portion of their customers being cornered by fraudulent competition based on lies and manipulation.

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