, The most striking “made in Japan” technologies

For several decades, Japan has been considered, and rightly so, as the most advanced country in terms of technology. What have been the major innovations associated with “Japanese”? This article will provide you with a relevant summary.

Innovation “made in Japan”

This will not surprise any Internet user, Japan is particularly recognized for its many technological innovations. Indeed, how to speak of this country without evoking, for example, the magnificent district of Akihabara (Tokyo) or the many offices and laboratories located in Osaka? Japanese culture seems effectively linked to technological progress and does not stop periodically shaking up many markets such as the video game world and also that of cybersecurity (VPN, etc.).

What have been these major innovations in recent years?

No, Japan is not just the land of video games!

For many Internet users, Japan is directly associated with manga and video games… And this feeling is not insignificant. Indeed, France is sometimes considered the 2e homeland of Japanese comics. In addition, the hexagon lists many enthusiasts of video games and j-pop music. However, Japan cannot be defined exclusively on the basis of these popular areas. The high-tech world is a perfect example here. Likewise, the conception of new technologies associated with certain Japanese companies seems to be unknown to many Internet users. Looking more closely at this topic, various relevant examples can be cited.

Major technological innovations from Japan

5G, a significant technology for Japan

Certainly, 5G is patented by China. However, Japan has invested colossal sums to perfect this technology and apply it in various situations. Unsurprisingly, video games will also be able to take advantage of considerable mobile speeds to accommodate promising new features. The year 2021 will undoubtedly mark the video game world thanks to these possibilities.

The considerable evolution of robotics

For several decades, Japan has been particularly involved in the search for fully automated solutions… and more particularly robotics. Many surprising prototypes are, as such, regularly presented by Japanese companies. The medical or social field will particularly benefit from these next technological advances.

The evolution of AI (artificial intelligence)

If the majority of countries invest impressive sums in the development of artificial intelligence, Japan is also affected by this phenomenon. The goal? Solve various social issues (such as the aging of Japanese society or the labor shortage observed for several years). According to a study by Oracle and Future, around 29% of Japanese people use an AI-related solution in their workplace. Naturally, this statistic reinforces the interest of researchers and investors.

Innovations associated with the IoT (Internet of Things)

Do you think that the domain of IoT is reserved for certain American companies such as Google? Think again, Japan is also participating in the advancement of this technology by regularly offering many narcotic products. The design of autonomous cars or solutions dedicated to the comfort of homes is thus becoming a priority for many Japanese companies. In addition, IoT is a formidable technology for the aging population of the land of the rising sun.

When cybersecurity becomes a priority

Of course, IoT and 5G raise a significant issue: cybercrime. Thus, each year, the number of hacking attempts continues to grow and the confidence of Internet users is increasingly affected. The design of new technologies associated with cybersecurity therefore becomes essential. The optimization of tools (such as VPNs) or the design of new solutions requires significant investments … And Japan seems ready to respond to this need.

A transition in favor of digital marketing

Japan sometimes talks about a delay in digital marketing. Indeed, the methods traditionally used by companies and companies are sometimes preserved in the image of policies specific to Japanese culture. However, the year 2020 was marked by a significant evolution in this field where the considerable advantages of “2.0” marketing favor monthly results. Automation will therefore be a new milestone for these professional lots of the year 2021.

To conclude

Japan remains a major player in technological innovation in many markets. The year 2021 will therefore, without a doubt, be marked by new products that are as surprising as they are attractive to the delight of the medical, video game and cybersecurity world.

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