Are you looking for (not too expensive) accommodation in Osaka, for one or more months? So turn to the guest houses “Orange” ! The Orange Guest House offers several furnished accommodation, in rooms in the purest Japanese style, on tatami mats, with kotatsu. A way to let yourself be charmed by the Japanese way of life!

The rooms are ideal for students, accustomed to rather compact spaces, with cooker hot plates. In most of these guest houses the shower is shared (one or two showers per floor). Likewise, the toilets are often on the landing. But they are pure Japanese toilets, with heated glasses and a small flush of water which goes up in the asshole. In short, it’s pretty good, and, above all, it’s not too expensive.

The other advantage is the location of each guest house ! The Orange house is less than 10 minutes from Namba by metro, while the Melon house is 10 minutes from Namba walk ! Obviously, the more guest house is close to a popular tourist spot, the more the price goes up. The other advantage of the Melon house is that there is a fucking nice rooftop terrace. Of course, to enjoy it, it depends on the season and the weather, read the article on the climate in Japan, that’s why it is relevant to choose your guest house depending on the season in Japan during which you organize your trip to japan !

The Banana house is a quarter of an hour from Namba by metro. Yes, we take Namba as a reference, because it is there that you will necessarily want to go to enjoy! The Lemon house is a 10 minute walk from Namba, like the Melon house, but without the terrace. The Apple house is a 15 minute walk from Namba, not bad. Visit the site for all information and prices: Orange Guest House Osaka and here are the brochures that could be found in 2017:

Orange House Guest House Osaka near Namba

Guest House Orange Osaka Namba

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