The population leaves Tokyo | Fraud via NTT Docomo

The population leaves Tokyo | Fraud via NTT Docomo | New arrest for corruption

In the press review of this Wednesday, September 9, we will discuss: The coronavirus which prevents the Japanese population from moving to the capital, bank thefts via the application of the company NTT Docomo, and finally, the new arrest of the high- official Tsukasa Akimoto for corruption.

Fewer accommodations in Tokyo due to the pandemic

A recent study proves that, during the month of July in Tokyo, there were more moves than moves. Outflows exceeded 2,522 inflows, which is the highest rate recorded since 2013. In May, departures exceeded 1,062 inflows. This is believed to be due to some fear among the population about the rate of influx. spread of the coronavirus in the capital, dissuading the Japanese from moving there. Employees in other regions prefer teleworking, and students, most of whom follow distance learning courses, stay in their parental home. Today in the capital, 149 new cases of coronavirus have been detected, bringing the number to 22,168 infections in total in Tokyo. 24 are said to be in serious condition and 3 more patients have been hospitalized since yesterday.

Bank fraud via the NTT Docomo application

Japan is currently experiencing a wave of crimes involving digital banking fraud. Massive money was allegedly illicitly withdrawn from regional bank accounts via the digital wallet provided by the mobile operator “NTT Docomo Inc”. After 10 Japanese regional banks reported the suspicious withdrawals last night, the company had to freeze its services. Unlike physical banks, users of the e-money app only need an email address to confirm their identity. According to NTT Docomo, for some unknown reason, third parties seem to have had access to users’ bank account numbers and passwords in order to create electronic wallets and transfer money to them on their behalf, by usurping the identity of the victims.

Akimoto arrested again for corruption

Tokyo prosecutors have reportedly signed a new arrest warrant for senior official Tsukasa Akimoto, who allegedly once again bribed witnesses in the case concerning the illegal opening of a casino by a Chinese company. Minister of State in charge of hotel complexes, he allegedly accepted bribes to carry out the project. He was arrested again last night on suspicion, with the help of a consulting firm, of having handed over nearly 42,000 euros to a former adviser to the Chinese company in order to provide false testimony during the trial. He had already been arrested recently for corrupting witnesses.


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