The quarantine rises | Japanese peaches

The quarantine rises | Japanese peaches | Shared concerns

In the press review of this Thursday, October 8, we will discuss: the new measures to reduce the quarantine period, the current fishing problems facing the country, and finally the concerns and collaborations shared between the United States and Japan.

Quarantine relief

The Japanese government is said to be currently in discussions to ease the entry restrictions on the territory that were then applied to Japanese nationals and international business travel since last September. The measures put in place until now were, among others, the imposition of quarantine for 14 days upon entry on Japanese soil. You will now be asked to commit to submitting an explanatory document on the work and the planned meetings, not to use public transport for 2 weeks and to find a Japanese “holder” to ensure that the rules are correctly applied. The country is expected to be open to 12 new low-risk countries and the new measures are expected to be taken by the end of October.

Prohibitions and dangerous fishing

At an international meeting bringing together senior officials from 10 countries, Japan reportedly proposed extending bluefin tuna catch quotas. The project, which was refused, planned to increase the fishing quota beyond 20%. Although Japan said the situation was improving and offered new opportunities, participants, including the United States, reportedly insisted that rebuilding the bluefin tuna population should be a top priority. On the Fukushima side, a national group of Japanese fishermen strongly opposed the plan to discharge the wastewater from the disused nuclear power plant into the sea. The government’s plan was to dilute the irradiated water before releasing it into nature. , thus limiting the impacts. Kishi Hiroshi, leader of the group, firmly against this decision fearing anxiety among the Japanese, not confident to consume fish from this area.

Concerns Japan – United States

Defense Minister Nobuo Kishi and the General-in-Chief of US troops stationed in Japan are said to have met on Thursday to share their common concerns over the growth of China’s maritime activities and the potential missile threat from Korea. North. They would have strengthened their understanding on collaboration, information exchange and cooperation between the Japanese self-defense forces and the US military. It is also planned that the US Navy air station in Okinawa will be relocated from Ginowan to Nago City.


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