A vacation at home, a dream.

Seventy years of Golden Week.

Do you remember that expression at Golden Week? This famous week, which is technically not one, is eagerly awaited by all the inhabitants of Japan or almost. Because of course, workers in the service industry must clock in, so the slot machine continues to run at full speed.

Still, Golden Week is a holiday period for much of the country. The expression dates back to 1951 and Hideo Matsuyama, director of the Daiei production studio. Noticing an increase in sales of movie tickets on the occasion of this series of public holidays (April 29, May 3, 4 and 5), and inspired by the phrase the Golden Time taken from the world of television and radio (our “prime time”), he called this period Golden Week.

The expression made an impression and remains widely used decades later.

Last year, the vacation at home.

In 2020, the start of the pandemic requires, we (the inhabitants of Japan) have been invited to gaman-er, translation: to show self-sacrifice and patience and above all to stay at home. I cannot tell you for sure whether this has been followed to the letter. But broadly speaking, I think so. “This episode, then announced to us the old crumblers who serve us as politicians in Japan, would be exceptional”. To imply, “next year, it will be better”.

You know as well as I do that well, here it is, 2021 does not break a duck’s three legs, although we are perhaps a little better off when it comes to the hope of living.

This year, the holidays at home too.

When the governor of Kanagawa prefecture publicly asked non-residents not to come and have fun in Kanagawa (Yokohama, Kamakura, Enoshima…), we laughed a little yellow. I’m talking about it here: Golden Week Downgraded to Gaman Week Again.

Moreover, nobody obviously listened to him since the rates of frequentation of tourist places exploded (of the order of more than 100%, even 300% in certain zones, compared to 2020).

We could throw stones at all these selfish people who have moved in the midst of a health crisis (the Japanese medical system is suffering, it should be remembered daily) to bring tourist places (also suffering) to life.

Personally, I abstain, because hey, we all have big on the potato. And then the government only does things half-way (and badly). Here, it’s a state of emergency, over there, it’s not a state of emergency, here it’s a state of emergency but only half, over there, no. There is enough to become a goat.

We dared to cross the Chiba – Tokyo border.

Besides, if I had to throw stones at them, I would have to start by cobbling myself. We dared to take the train (great God!), To go to Tokyo. Exactly what Governor Yuriko Koike asked residents of the greater Tokyo area not to do.

We went an hour and a quarter from home and we could probably have made the round trip during the day, but hey, even if it means going… We booked a business hotel that was a bit shabby, 100% up to standard sanitary facilities with pshit-pshit to disinfect hands everywhere and plexiglass protective barriers at the counter. The hotel was bad and I did not sleep a night (we are already punished).

In short, this 36-hour stay was a bit of the angst between the slow-motion train network (a not very bright idea of ​​the Tokyo government) and the restaurants that close at 8 p.m., but the human being almost adapts to it. all environments (sea, mountain, volcanoes are notable exceptions). It was quite strange to experience, let’s say. We had dinner (at 6 p.m.) in a small boui-boui that serves fried pork (tonkatsu) and it was not very good (divine punishment, second round).

The goal of our stay was not so much tourism as practical (this is not an excuse), we had to go take a look at our future neighborhood, if 2021 does not send our plans for life. I admit that the shortage of raw material is starting to worry me a little. Yes, yes, in the midst of the pandemic Amélie-Marie and company have found nothing better than to say to themselves “what if we build?”. There you go.

So we made a quick jump to measure our piece of land, the distance between the said piece of land and the daily services (the post office, the bank, the supermarket, all that), and we quickly returned to our homes the next day, not too proud of the walkabout (very reasonable though).

Golden Week 2021

We took advantage of our visit to go see the French Lycée in Tokyo.

And since ? Well, the husband has returned to work, that is to say bedroom-hallway-office, and I the bedroom-hallway-sofa path, where I spend average days traveling the kingdom of Hyrule (Zelda , Breath of the Wild, on Switch) without doing anything in particular, having completed the game.

I don’t know if this is the pandemic effect, but I need real (insert definition here please) vacation. However, here I am with a week of freedom, and the absolute anguish of the work that awaits me already. And you ?

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