In the press review of Tuesday, June 8, we will discuss: threats against a vaccination center, radioactive waste containers have passed their lifespan and a meeting to resolve succession issues in the imperial family .

A vaccination center under threat

In the Kyôto department, the city of Ine, who started a 12-15 year old COVID vaccination plan, received numerous calls from threat and complaints that follow strong opposition to this program. A hundred calls and a large number of emails and faxes from more than 20 different addresses led the center to close its doors and contact the police on Monday. This anti-ax movement accuses them of ” commit murder And cause infertility in young women. This incident is not to arrange the vaccination policy of the government which is already struggling to vaccinate the population. Compared to other developed countries, Japan lags behind, although the start of the Tokyo Olympics is less than 2 months away.

Exceeded radioactive waste containers

The Nuclear Regulatory Authority (ARN) warned of the danger posed by 31 radioactive sediment containers, during a meeting on the dismantling of the Fukushima Daiichi power plant. These 1.5 meter high plastic cylinders would have exceeded their lifespan. TEPCO, the company in charge of the plant has promised to move the content by August. Normally, they were to last until July 2025 but it seems that the intensity of the radiation was negligently underestimated. The NRA also indicated that in addition to the 31 containers, another 56 of the 3,000 in place will expire in 2 years.

Meeting on Imperial Succession

Yesterday, a group of Japanese government consultants held a meeting on the issue of the opening of accession to the throne for women. More than 60% of the 21 experts gathered are favorable to this extension of the succession. Despite this progress in the debate, the question is still far from being decided, as there are still many oppositions. In public opinion, there is growing concern, because since the law of 1947, heirs can only be men with an emperor on the paternal side. Currently, there are only three potential heirs, including an already elderly Prince Hitachi, 85, Crown Prince Akishino, 55, and his son Prince Hisahito, 14,


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