In the press review of this Wednesday, January 20, we will discuss: 3 people infected with the British variant of Covid-19, the police who fight against vaccine fraud, and theôzeki Takakeishô who withdraws from the New Year’s meeting.

Three people infected with a variant of the coronavirus

Two women and a man, aged 20 to 60 and living in central Japan’s Shizuoka department, have contracted a new strain of the coronavirus, the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare said this morning. . Having not traveled to the United Kingdom, where this new variant was detected, and having had no contact with people who have been abroad, the government believes they could have been infected by community transmission. These cases are a first in Japan, and authorities are currently investigating the source of the infection. According to the Department of Health, a fourth man, having returned from a trip to the United Kingdom on December 31, had also been infected with the new British variant. He was hospitalized on January 7 in a medical establishment in Tokyo. The Cabinet office confirms that this individual has not had contact with the three people who were infected. The latter announced that at this stage, there is no evidence that the new strain of the coronavirus has spread in the region.

Tokyo police distribute leaflets to fight vaccine fraudsters

With a state of emergency in effect once again, a Tokyo police station began distributing leaflets warning of a new specialist fraud, in which targets are asked to pay deposits for vaccinations and the like. medical services. After receiving reports of suspicious phone calls, Takinogawa police station began issuing warning leaflets in Kita Ward on January 18. According to the police station, since the declaration of a state of emergency in Tokyo on January 8, they have been notified that residents were receiving calls from people claiming to be employees of government offices and public health centers, telling them stories, including “The elderly will be given priority to receive coronavirus vaccines and PCR tests. Please send a deposit. “. The police station called for caution, saying: “Vaccinations and PCR tests don’t cost money. If you think something is suspicious, we want you to end the call and report it to the police. “

Sumo: Takakeishô withdraws from the New Year’s meeting

Theôzeki Takakeishô withdrew from the New Year’s Grand Sumo Tournament on Tuesday after a series of losses that dashed his hopes for promotion to the top rank, yokozuna. According to the coach of the Tokiwayama team, Takakeishô injured his ankle on the third day of the meeting at Ryôgoku Kokugikan in Tokyo, during his defeat against the maegashira Hokutofuji. Despite his second first division title won in November, Takakeishô had a nightmarish start this month with 0-4. After registering only two victories, Takakeishô is threatened with demotion. The tournament, the first under the state of emergency, saw a large number of participants withdraw.


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