In the press review for Tuesday, September 15, we will discuss: the particularly unpredictable coronavirus in Tokyo, the reorganization of the Liberal Democratic Party (PLD), and finally the trial of Greg Kelly, a close friend of Carlos Ghosn.

The coronavirus is unpredictable in Tokyo

The rate of spread of the coronavirus in the capital remains highly unstable. There are 191 new infected people in Tokyo today, while the authorities counted 80 the day before. The number of new infections had risen to 276 by September 10. Of today’s cases, 43 people are in their twenties, 38 in their thirties, 33 in their forties and 30 in their fifties. Most of them are active people. However, patients in severe condition and hospitalized have decreased, there are now 21.

Reorganization at the PLD

With his election at the head of the Liberal Democratic Party, and therefore that of the country, Yoshihide Suga chose to keep Toshihiro Nikai, an important member of the party, in the place of general secretary of the PLD and Hiroshi Moriyama as chairman of the committee of government affairs. The former Minister of Communication, Tsutomu Satô, has been appointed to the post of president of the general council, the supreme role of the highest decision-making body of the party. Former Education Minister Hakubun Shimomura became chairman of the Policy Research Council and Taimei Yamaguchi was appointed chairman of the Election Strategy Committee.

Greg Kelly pleads not guilty

Greg Kelly, former Nissan executive arrested on suspicion of having ” underestimated “ Carlos Ghosn’s income, pleaded not guilty. Close and collaborator of Ghosn, he attended the opening hearing of his trial on Tuesday at the Tokyo regional court. He is accused of having ” forget it “ to include in the reports, that Ghosn received additional income of more than 9.1 billion yen (approximately 80 million euros). Kelly denies the accusation brought by prosecutors and claims that Ghosn would have been an exceptional manager of his income. He also said he would have advised Ghosn on what he could do legally or not. Nissan, a defendant in the lawsuit, accepted the charge.


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