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You have all seen an invention one day and you said to yourself: “Hey, what is this thing, that looks well thought out” and other times: “Ah, but I wonder how they can market that! It is precisely the second category that interests us; became a concept first among Japanese and then internationally the Chindōgu is the art of creating anything by following some principles obviously. Let’s see these principles through the examples that follow. What the fuck objects you will find in spades on the net but what you do not know is that not only these objects can be completely stupid but downright dangerous, unhealthy, even deadly if they were marketed! Top 5 most WTF objects straight out of Japan.

Number 5: the screen puller

Is it necessary to explain to you all the inconvenience that this garment with so-called accommodating functions can cause you?

wacky invention japan

Okay, if you insist. Pay for your eye pain with clothing that does not let in any light when you know that you are looking at a screen less than a meter away and in the dark is certainly not the most recommended way! And I will spare you the shortening of the life of your batteries which will overheat at the first opportunity. Hello additional expenses!

Number 4: baby mop pajamas

In a completely different area, we will be entitled to pajamas and mops for babies!

japanese wtf invention japan

What to dream of mothers who work non-stop but only the irresponsible. Conscientious people will immediately think of the piles of microbes lying around everywhere in homes and the probable insects (for the less clean houses) that invade them. We would probably have been silent in the case of an adult, but for a baby who does not know where to walk, or what to touch and even less choose what to eat, this mop gives him twice the chance to ingest parasites that will earn him a hospital stay.

Number 3: the computer-coffee maker

If Number 3 existed a lot but then really a lot of bosses will have the best excuse in the world to fire someone (yes, better than the 7 second delay excuse!) Because the CPU you see in the picture comes with a coffee maker so you don’t have to move from your desk. Distance which, I remind you, in no way slows down your work.

crazy inventions in japan japanese

If this is not the futile side of invention it will be the material damage. And yes ! If a malfunction occurs with the coffee maker and water gets inside the circuits, you can say goodbye to this unit.

japanese inventions crazy wtf japan

Number 2: the mini shoe umbrella

Who speaks of Chindōgu necessarily speaks of the famous shoes with integrated umbrella …

wacky invention japan

You will no longer be deceived from head to toe, on the other hand you shouldn’t stumble, a trip to the city in rainy weather can quickly turn into an obstacle course, very little for some who prefer to complain rather than buy this object. Why risk tripping to hurt yourself very, very much?

Number 1: the all-terrain pillow

Ridicule does not kill. Hmmm… Not so sure if we are to believe this pillow-shaped balaclava that will allow you to rest your head anywhere without it being uncomfortable. This is where you will be extremely grateful that this invention because even for a Cosplay party it aims for the high heights of ridicule, which is still riskier when holding the objects mentioned above!

balaclava pillow japan japanese inventions wtf

Looking back, we say to ourselves that the inventors certainly wanted to improve the daily life of many people and make a business out of it, but over time the burlesque inventions followed one another that we gave a name to it: Chindōgu . On the one hand to freeze them in a fictitious catalog and on the other hand to save lives not by inventing them but by inventing the idea.

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