Vaccination certificate | One dead in the avalanche | Shuri-jo castle dragon

Vaccination certificate | One dead in the avalanche | Shuri-jo castle dragon

In the press review of this Monday, March 15, we will discuss: vaccination certificates against the COVID-19 virus, a death during an avalanche in the Northern Alps and the reconstruction of the dragon sculpture at the castle of Shuri- jo.

Vaccination certificates against the COVID-19 virus

Japan plans to issue certificates to people who have been vaccinated against the coronavirus. This decision could be made as calls multiply for systems to ensure safe travel. ” If the request is made internationally, we can issue vaccination certificates“Said Tarô Kôno, adding that certificates can be processed by government vaccine deployment management systems. Kôno’s latest remark comes as demands for such a system multiply in the United States and Europe.

One dead during the avalanche in the northern Alps

A man died in an avalanche that occurred around 10 a.m. Sunday in the Alps of northern Japan. Five men were caught in an avalanche that occurred on Mount Norikura in Matsumoto, Nagano County. Four of them were rescued, but a 49-year-old man from Yasu, Shiga County, died. Among the others caught in the avalanche, two men who were with the victim sustained minor injuries. According to the local Nagano meteorological office, heavy snow fell in the area on Friday and Saturday and an avalanche advisory had been issued.

Reconstruction of the dragon sculpture at Shuri Castle

The reconstruction of a sculpture of two dragons was prompted by the discovery of a sketch detailing its creation. The sculpture was lost in the 2019 fire that also destroyed the main hall of Shuri Castle, Okinawa. The 60-centimeter by 4.5-meter sketch was found at the home of sculptor Hideo Ima, who died in 2014, in Kanazawa, capital of Ishikawa County. Ima’s wife, Yoshiko, 74, found him in late February while cleaning the couple’s house. She hopes that the discovery of the sketch will help rebuild the castle.


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