Vaccination for November | Belarus banned

Vaccination for November | Belarus banned | Hit and run

In the press review of Thursday, June 10, we will discuss: the vaccination project of the population for November, the ban of Belarus from Japanese soil and a hit-and-run by a parliamentarian.

Vaccinated population expected for November

Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga has indicated his wish to see all Japanese residents vaccinated for November. Observers find it hard to see the fulfillment of this promise despite the acceleration vaccination in recent days. From the start of the injections, last February, until today, Japan has not vaccinated only 10% of its population, the lowest rate in developed countries. This statement is seen as double or quits for the Suga administration. Mistreated in the polls and by the holding of the Olympic Games, the Prime Minister is trying to reassure public opinion in view of the general elections.

More Belarusian aircraft in Japan

Chief Cabinet Secretary Katsunobu Katô announced today the ban for any aircraft operated by a Belarusian company to land on Japanese territory. This follows the forced landing of a device by the Belarusian army to arrest an opposition journalist, Roman Protasevich. This prohibition is purely symbolic, Japan does not share any air route with Belarus. Japanese airliners are also avoiding flying over Belarusian territory as a precaution because of the tension in the region.

Hit and run for a parliamentarian

On June 8, according to a police source, a car with Shunsuke Takei, member of the Liberal Democratic Party (PLD) was allegedly involved in a clash with a cyclist. The car, driven by his secretary, would have fled after the collision, but fortunately the cyclist was not injured. According to the first investigations, the hit and run would be characterized, while the technical control and insurance of the vehicle would also have expired.


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