In the press review of this Thursday, February 4, we will discuss: 91% of local governments have still not called in doctors for vaccine doses, children have gone to meet giant salamanders, and Anri Kawai is resigning following the vote-buying scandal in 2019.

91% of local governments have not yet called on doctors

91% of municipal governments say they “Always made arrangements” to line up the doctors needed to administer the coronavirus vaccine. 70% say the national government provided insufficient information on vaccine deployment. Regarding the locations of vaccination centers, 22 local governments, or 67%, responded that they were “Currently under discussion”. Only 30%, or 10 Tokyo municipalities, replied that they had “Made a partial decision”. Only the district of Meguro has declared that it has already decided on its vaccination sites.

Children meet giant salamanders

Children from the town of Nabari had the chance to see giant salamanders at the Japan Salamander Center, in the Mie department. Yoshihiro Kawauchi, an employee of the city government, and advisor to the Ministry of the Environment, explained the importance of the giant salamanders, a special national natural monument. Each giant salamander was brought in front of the young visitors to be measured. The largest salamander, named Takeru, was born in 2002. Takeru was 94.5 centimeters long and reportedly weighed 6.95 kilograms. She made intimidating sounds throughout the process. Part of a toe was missing.

MP Anri Kawai resigns following scandal

Upper House Member Anri Kawai, who was convicted last month of buying votes in the 2019 election, has resigned from her post. Kawai, who had already left the ruling Liberal Democratic Party over the allegation, chose to step down before the end of the two-week deadline for filing an appeal. After her resignation was submitted to parliament, Kawai said in a statement that while she is not happy with the decision, she will not file an appeal, adding: “I don’t intend to prolong the legal battle any further and cause more confusion. “


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