Vaccination of the elderly | Gender equality

Vaccination of the elderly | Gender equality | Cat Day

In the press review of this Thursday, February 25, we will discuss: Vaccinations for the elderly will begin on April 12, Seiko Hashimoto reaffirms its commitment to gender equality and the famous feline “owner” of a castle offers a gift on the occasion of Cat Day.

Vaccinations for the elderly will begin on April 12

Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga announced that coronavirus vaccination for people aged 65 and over will begin on April 12. In anticipation of the start of vaccinations on April 12, the government will distribute a total of 50,000 doses to all departments during the week of April 5. An additional 250,000 doses will be distributed during the weeks of April 12 and 19, but since approximately 36 million elderly people can benefit from the vaccines, inoculations will be limited. The government has set the vaccination period for the elderly at two months and three weeks. However, the expected number of healthcare workers who will be vaccinated before the elderly has increased by about one million.

Seiko Hashimoto reaffirms its commitment to gender equality

The organizers of the Tokyo Olympics are making gender equality a priority just as much as their efforts to ensure safe games, said new President of Tokyo 2020, Seiko Hashimoto, on Wednesday. In response to the uproar over the sexist comments of former Prime Minister Yoshiro Mori, the organizers have created a committee on gender equality. “Gender equality and the empowerment of women is going to be something that is going to be promoted,” Hashimoto said. A former Olympic speed skater and track cyclist, Hashimoto also reiterated her goal of increasing the proportion of women on the board of the organizing committee to 40%.

The feline “owner” of a castle gives a gift on Cat Day

The Tourism Association of Takahashi City, West Japan, has started selling Bitchu Matsuyama Castle stamps with an illustration of its “owner” Sanjuro the Cat to celebrate “Cat Day” on February 22. The stamps bearing the coat of arms of the Itakuras family, feudal lord of the Bitchu Matsuyama estate, feature a cat’s paw print and a photo of Sanjuro showing his belly. The leaves cost 300 yen (2.31 euros) each and are only sold at the castle ticket office. A representative of the association said: “ We would like people to take an interest in Takahashi Castle and Town, and the stamps to make the visit fun in Okayama Department“.


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