Vaccination simulation Secret parking Olympics

Vaccination simulation Secret parking Olympics

In the press review of this Monday, January 25, we will discuss: the simulation of vaccinations, the secret parking of Japanese in an American base and the possible limitation of spectators at the Olympic Games.

Simulation of vaccinations

Japan will organize a mock coronavirus vaccinations on Wednesday in Kawasaki, near Tokyo, Minister responsible for vaccination efforts Tarô Kôno said. Also Minister of Administrative Reform, he revealed the vaccination plan for the Japanese population which should begin by February, after having verified the safety and effectiveness of vaccines. “We will assess how long it will take and how big the system will be. Then we will inform the municipalities of the results ”Kôno said at a meeting in the House of Representatives. While the central government is responsible for securing the vaccine supply, the vaccination itself will be left to the care of local governments.

Secret parking

The Japanese Self-Defense Forces and the US Marine Corps reached a secret agreement in 2015 to station a Japanese amphibious unit at Camp Schwab, Henoko in the Okinawa Department, Japanese and US government sources said. However, the agreement on this Amphibious Rapid Deployment Brigade was reached without the approval of a civilian official in the Ministry of Defense. The Self-Defense Forces would therefore have acted against the principle of civilian control, thus leading to criticism. The project has since been put on hold due to the standoff between Okinawa and the central government over the relocation of the base from Futenma to Henoko.

Olympic Games

As the Japanese government remains hopeful for the Olympics to be held this summer, its spokesperson spoke of the possible limitation of spectator numbers during the event, saying preparations should go ahead. “With a priority of a safe and secure environment while taking into consideration the state of infections in Japan and abroad”. For his part, the president of the International Olympic Committee Thomas Bach, said that the committee would decide on the necessary measures to deal with the pandemic situation. ” timely “, suggesting in passing the possibility of a closed session.


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