Vaccine donation | Visit to Hiroshima

Vaccine donation | Visit to Hiroshima | University professor

In the press review of Tuesday, July 13, we will discuss: the donation of a million doses of vaccine, the protest against the arrival of the president of the Olympic committee in Hiroshima and the particular methods of a university professor.

A million doses

Japan will send on Thursday 1 million doses Astra Zeneca vaccine to Taiwan, in Indonesia and at Vietnam. Japan is part of the distribution of vaccines throughout the Asian continent. The country has already provided to the Malaysia, to the Philippines and at the Thailand a large number of doses. This follows the worries government vis-à-vis the rise of the delta variant in the region which would delay the resumption of trade.

Unwanted visit

A group of citizens presented the governor of the Hiroshima department with a collective complaint against the coming the President of the International Olympic Committee, Thomas Bach, during the week. The members of this group lash out the political recovery of the image of the city, city of peace, for promote the Olympics, despite the disapproval the holding of the event by a majority of Japanese. A online petition has also been launched and has collected, to date, 15,000 signatures.

Teacher tax?

A professor of medicine at Kindai University would have received, from these graduate students a doctorate, 300,000 yen (2,500 euros). A convenient that we could qualify as running in view of the many testimonies. None of the people interviewed believe they got their doctorate with this money. The quarrels where and how this money was used are still to discover for investigators.


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