Vaccines for the population | Coronavirus alert

Vaccines for the population | Coronavirus alert | Titanic site

In the press review of Tuesday, November 10, we will discuss: the vaccines promised to the Japanese, the comeback of the coronavirus, and finally the start of work in Nihonbashi.

Vaccines for the population

Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga reiterated his pledge to secure enough coronavirus vaccines for the entire Japanese population by the first half of 2021. The intervention comes after US drug maker Pfizer, and German partner BioNTech , said his experimental vaccine is over 90% effective. Japan has reached agreements to receive 120 million doses of any vaccine developed by Pfizer or the British company AstraZeneca, as well as 50 million additional doses of the American company Moderna.

Coronavirus alert

The Japanese government’s coronavirus advisory committee is calling for stronger border controls and measures against hotbeds of infection, as the country sees its number of cases on the rise. The department of Hokkaidô is particularly affected with more than 200 daily cases. The northern island, and in particular its capital Sapporo, is an important hotbed because of the dry and cold weather, but especially because of the campaign to promote domestic tourism “Go To” which intensifies the displacement of people.

Titanic site

Construction work has started in Tokyo to relocate an elevated highway that spans the famous Nihonbashi Bridge. The 320 billion yen (about 2.5 billion euros) project is due to be completed by 2040. The work involves the construction of a 1.1 km tunnel by 2035 then the destruction of the viaduct, built for Tokyo Olympic Games in 1964. These developments should restore all its charm to the bridge, rebuilt in stone in 1911 and classified as a national cultural property.


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