Visa criteria | Stateless children

Visa criteria | Stateless children | Guide dog

In the press review of Thursday, July 22, we will discuss: visas that are more difficult to access, the issue of stateless children and the search for a family for guide puppies.

Controlled visas

Japan will to reinforce the checks during the granting of visas for foreign students, in order toavoid technology transfers likely to be used for military purposes. Each student applying for a visa for studies related to sectors such as artificial intelligence or nuclear will be the subject of a thorough review of its background to ensure that it has no connection with any military companies.

Forgotten by the nation

A study by the Japanese immigration office alerted on the large number of stateless children from children of strangers, due to lack of information related to administration. Of 305 children born between 2016 and 2020, 232 remained stateless until they were 1 year old. Given that Japan only recognizes the right of blood, and not that of the ground, parents are required toregister the birth of their child at the embassy.

Job offer for dog

In the Shimane region, the city of Hamada is looking for families home for puppies in training to be guide blind. During the week, these puppies are trained in a specialized center, on weekends it is important for their development to wander as much as possible to socialize and react well to the environment like cars, red lights, other dogs, etc. To date, nearly 66 puppies have been raised in the center.


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