In the press review of this Wednesday, January 13, we will discuss: the embassy japanese warns the United States for its citizens in Washington, an increase in electricity demands is causing a crisis across the country, and cases of domestic violence are at an all time high.

Embassy warns Japanese nationals against visits to Washington

The Japanese Embassy in the United States yesterday informed that Japanese nationals should refrain from unnecessary visits to Washington, citing possible protests following the inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden on January 20. The call urges them to “Pay more attention than usual to the situation around them”. The embassy has put forward reports that the FBI has warned the public of possible armed protests in Washington and state capitals, saying explosives and molotov cocktails were found on the public highway. For all these reasons, the embassy has listed as dangerous cities, central Washington, Capitol buildings, government facilities and urban areas, urging the Japanese to “Strictly refrain from approaching or taking unnecessary photos of protest activities.”

Growing demand for electricity in freezing cold causes crisis in Japan

As freezing cold intensifies in many parts of Japan, the demand for electricity for air conditioners and other heating equipment is exceeding the expectations of power companies. The Federation of Electricity Companies of Japan called on the population to save this energy and the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry, Hiroshi Kajiyama, said: “While using air conditioners in your daily life, we encourage you to use electricity efficiently. “ According to the major companies, utilization rates are between 91 and 99%, except in the southernmost department of Okinawa. The Organization for the inter-regional coordination of distribution operators, which coordinates the supply and demand of electricity in the country, has asked its companies, since December 15, to meet the needs in order to avoid power outages = blackout. A representative of the group spoke by saying: “This is the first time that we have had to take such large-scale action since our inception in 2015.”

Domestic violence cases in Japan reached critical level in 2020

The cases of domestic violence in Japan reached a record of more than 130,000 cases during the year 2020. According to a government investigation, the stress and the concern of the population would have generated this sad record, the pandemic of the coronavirus the forcing them to stay at home more often. Between April and November 2020, the total number of domestic violence recorded by the government amounted to 132,355, or 15,000 per month, exceeding by 13,000 cases in 2019. “The number of violent cases increased as people spent longer periods at home and became more stressed and worried about life.”, said an official in the Cabinet office. Of those who contacted domestic violence counseling and support centers, 37,044 people were living with children, and 60% of the cases reportedly involved child abuse. The data was recorded after combining consultations received by counseling and support centers across the country, with the 24-hour helpline, established by the government in April last year.


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