Winter Corona | Suga defends his rejection

Winter Corona | Suga defends his rejection | Pears in Shinkansen

In the press review of this Friday, November 6, we will discuss: the fear of a resurgence of the pandemic for the winter, Prime Minister Suga who maintains his rejection of members of the scientific council, and finally the journey of pears in Shinkansen .

Corona alert for winter

Following the sudden increase in positive cases for covid-19 in the Hokkaido region, the government is warning about the risks to come from the spread of the virus during the winter. Some experts say that lower temperatures, as well as a cold and dry climate, could have a negative impact on the course of the disease. Promiscuity in establishments in Hokkaido could also be a factor. The governor of Tokyo, Yuriko Koike, thus urged the population to pay the greatest attention to intra-family contaminations. Most of the critically ill patients in the capital are believed to be elderly people who contracted the virus from family members.

Suga maintains his position

During the Diet committee meeting this Friday, Prime Minister Suga reconsidered his rejection of the 6 candidates for the Scientific Council of Japan and defended his initial position. He allegedly denied having compromised the independence of Japan’s highest academic body. His initiative surprised the Japanese people because traditionally, the members presented are not dismissed by the government. This decision continues to be criticized, the mission of the council, formed of intellectuals, is to provide wise reflections to the power put in place to guarantee academic freedom. Suga would have added that the role of the Prime Minister is to hire civil servants, and that this decision is in no way related to this freedom.

Traveling pears

“La France” pears from northern Japan in the Yamagata department were transported by Shinkansen to the capital. Autumnal fruit with a fragrant taste, this pear is called the “queen of fruits”. The company of this railway would have planned the project with the department. 4 high-speed trains transported nearly 180kg of pears which will be sold at the station and which will also be served during promotional events in restaurants in the Ginza district this weekend.


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