Japan is a fascinating country in many ways. Its culture, its urban and rural landscapes as well as
its artistic and craft productions have, for a long time already, conquered the hearts of millions of
enthusiasts around the world.

Why buy Japanese products?

The real question would rather be: who would not want to ?! Because in terms of marketing and products, it does
there is no doubt that Japan is one of the most productive and creative countries in the world.

“Made in Japan” is an ever more popular label, which is easily exported all over the world.
And within Made in Japan, everyone can find something for themselves, whether we like traditional craftsmanship,
fashion items and luxury watches, snacks and sweets, high-tech products, cards and
collectible figurines or toys and video games. Without forgetting all the products derived from
the universe of manga and successful animated films!
Other major multinational franchises such as Disney as well as major clothing brands
typically Japanese like Uniqlo, Evisu or Zozotown also offer articles and collections
exclusive to the archipelago.

But buying authentic Japanese products is especially interesting for three main reasons:
● The quality of Japanese service. The seriousness of Japanese sellers and other traders as well as the
speed of service is characteristic of their way of working.
● The security of the Japanese market: you are sure to contact shops and resellers
official and thus to escape the many counterfeits and poor quality products that abound
everywhere else.
● The ability to purchase items only for the Japanese market. Studio Ghibli,
Pokémon Center, Bandai, Square Enix, Sanrio are names you have surely heard before
talk somewhere. All these major Japanese franchises have their own online store
where we can find many official products. Each year, these major brands and
franchises compete in inventiveness to produce countless goodies for the enjoyment of
their fans.

In short, buying Made in Japan means having the assurance of acquiring quality products,
inimitable and often not found elsewhere.

How to buy Japanese products from France?

As you probably know, it is impossible to order and buy products on the
Japanese sites when living abroad.
The reason is quite simple: the vast majority of Japanese sites and online stores do not offer
simply no overseas delivery services.

So unless you come to Japan yourself regularly and fill your suitcase to the brim with each trip
where to have products sent by someone living there, it is not possible to have access to
products offered for sale in the Japanese market.
The only solution to order Japanese products is therefore to go through a purchasing service such as
as ZenMarket.
Based in Osaka in the Kansai region since 2014, ZenMarket has been able to grow rapidly and conquer
an international audience thanks to the quality of its service to become today one of the most
most important in the Japanese market.

What is a purchasing service?

A purchasing department is a company based in Japan that will order for you the products that
you wish to acquire, receive them for you in its warehouses in Japan, then send them back from the
Japan to your home.
This type of business, also called a purchasing proxy, will in fact play the role of intermediary between
various Japanese sellers and foreign customers in order to facilitate and above all make possible the process
In general, a purchasing department is very familiar with the market in which it operates as well as the various
suppliers and industry players. It allows you to find the best rates and compare them
by yourself while also offering you personalized purchasing conditions, such as the possibility
use different delivery and payment methods (bank cards, Stripe, Paypal, transfers
banking and even cryptocurrency).
By going through a purchasing service, you will also have the assurance of dealing only with sellers
certified and reliable, because only those who have collected positive customer reviews will be presented on the

Why go through ZenMarket?

ZenMarket not only allows you to buy on major Japanese sites like Amazon Japan, Rakuten,
Yahoo and Yahoo Auctions, but also to have access to all Japanese sites and sellers with a
Online Store.
In addition to offering you full access to the Japanese market, the other advantage of ZenMarket is that any
the site interface and customer service are available in French. ZenMarket has indeed implemented
places a service specially intended for French speakers around the world.
Made up of expatriates, the French ZenMarket team is made up of fine connoisseurs of the country who are
committed to providing the best possible service.
ZenMarket even allows you to store your items for free for 45 days in its warehouses.
so that you can group them together when sending and thus save on shipping costs.

Finally, ZenMarket also offers a whole range of additional services (reinforcement,
package insurance and tracking, choice of delivery service, photo service for products in warehouses,
personalized purchasing assistance, etc.) in order to allow its customers to benefit from a real
tailor-made support.

A simple and easy-to-use service

Buying products from Japan has never been easier: just search for your product on
Japanese sites, paste the URL link into your ZenMarket account and we’ll buy it for you! It is also
simple as that.
In addition, using ZenMarket, it is not necessary to create an account on each merchant site that
you visit so you can buy on it. You only have one account to manage, the one on our
shopping platform. Our buyers will take care of placing the order for you.
Thanks to ZenMarket, not only the whole process of buying and shipping packages becomes simplified and
accessible to all, but you will also have access to a multitude of typical and original products, sometimes
strange, often unique, as only Japan can invent!
If you’ve ever looked to buy a Japanese product or just want to find out
the full scope of what Japanese online stores offer, ZenMarket is undoubtedly the site on
which you should do your research!
Once your free account is created in a few minutes, you can easily spend your
orders on all the sites that interest you and even participate in auctions on Yahoo Auctions
Japan to find rare items at unbeatable prices!
Convenient and offering many incredible opportunities, trying ZenMarket is sure to adopt it!

ZenMarket wish you a happy shopping!

Article offered by ZenMarket

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